Source code for mushroom.environments.gym_env

import gym

    import pybullet_envs
    import time
except ImportError:

from gym import spaces as gym_spaces
from mushroom.environments import Environment, MDPInfo
from mushroom.utils.spaces import *

[docs]class Gym(Environment): """ Interface for OpenAI Gym environments. It makes it possible to use every Gym environment just providing the id, except for the Atari games that are managed in a separate class. """
[docs] def __init__(self, name, horizon, gamma): """ Constructor. Args: name (str): gym id of the environment; horizon (int): the horizon; gamma (float): the discount factor. """ # MDP creation if '- ' + name in pybullet_envs.getList(): import pybullet pybullet.connect(pybullet.DIRECT) self.env = gym.make(name) self.env._max_episode_steps = np.inf # Hack to ignore gym time limit. # MDP properties assert not isinstance(self.env.observation_space, gym_spaces.MultiDiscrete) assert not isinstance(self.env.action_space, gym_spaces.MultiDiscrete) action_space = self._convert_gym_space(self.env.action_space) observation_space = self._convert_gym_space(self.env.observation_space) mdp_info = MDPInfo(observation_space, action_space, gamma, horizon) if isinstance(action_space, Discrete): self._convert_action = self._convert_action_function else: self._convert_action = self._no_convert if isinstance(observation_space, Discrete) and len(observation_space.size) > 1: self._convert_state = self._convert_state_function else: self._convert_state = self._no_convert super().__init__(mdp_info)
[docs] def reset(self, state=None): if state is None: self._state = self.env.reset() else: self.env.reset() self.env.state = state self._state = state return self._state
[docs] def step(self, action): action = self._convert_action(action) self._state, reward, absorbing, info = self.env.step(action) self._state = self._convert_state(self._state) return self._state, reward, absorbing, info
def render(self, mode='human'): self.env.render(mode=mode)
[docs] def stop(self): #self.env.close() pass
@staticmethod def _convert_gym_space(space): if isinstance(space, gym_spaces.Discrete): return Discrete(space.n) elif isinstance(space, gym_spaces.Box): return Box(low=space.low, high=space.high, shape=space.shape) else: raise ValueError @staticmethod def _no_convert(x): return x @staticmethod def _convert_state_function(state): return state - state.low @staticmethod def _convert_action_function(action): return int(action[0])